The Sherwood Manor Remodel

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Latest status:

May 9, 2004

Old appliances (washer and drier) put back in; new appliances (stove and refrigerator) installed; new dinette delivered.

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The not so distant past:

May 6, 2004 Tile is going in on two thirds of the bottom floor, and of course we're not supposed to walk on it.

May 3, 2004 Tilers have been prepping the floor for two days, and have been sanding and smoothing concrete.  Then they laid down an 8 ft wide strip of black tar and told us not to step on it.
April 30, 2004 Concrete patio and side walk are poured.  Half the remaining grass in the backyard is removed and the new sprinkler lines layed down.
April 28, 2004 Granite counter tops are installed in the kitchen and the stucco crew returns for a second attempt to match the color of the old house.

April 27, 2004 Painting is done, and it looks great. Upstairs (master bedroom and office) are very nearly done. Knobs and pulls are in the cabinets.

April 23, 2004
Low point: Doug's birthday today, and the house is in upheaval as the painters move about, painting in every room downstairs.

April 20, 2004
Craig is back from vacation and things begin to move swiftly again.  Walls all over the house are getting painted.  Did I say drywalling is bad?  Painting is bad, too.

April 15, 2004
Cabinets are installed and the painters arrive to stain and lacquer them.  The master bedroom got its carpet.

April 10, 2004
The pace slows as our contractor goes on vacation.  But the cabinet installer soldiers on by himself.

April 8, 2004
Biggest change is the kitchen cabinets, which are doing wonders for our flagging morale.

April 3, 2004
Spraying and texturizing the walls is as messy as drywalling.  The first weekend we are run out of our house is the same weekend Keith's dad is in town. Second of three coats of stucco applied.

April 1, 2004
Work on the outside commences again as we get the first of three coats of stucco.

Mar. 31, 2004
Absolute messiest step is dry walling.  But we're nearing the end of that, and the kitchen looks like its ready to be reassembled.

Mar. 25, 2004
Kitchen demo continues, though the slab to the plumbing below. Shoveling dirt tends to send dust throughout the entire house, by the way.
Mar. 22, 2004 And we thought last week was bad... Kitchen demo today.
Mar. 18, 2004 Furniture under wraps as dry wall hangers move in.
Mar. 16, 2004 Nothing to see on the outside because the action moves inside...with a vengeance (if Vengeance were armed with a jack hammer and nail gun).
Mar. 13, 2004 Lots to see on the outside (new windows, new doors, new tar paper and chicken wire) but even more to see on the inside (new windows, new doors, missing walls)
Mar. 5, 2004 And the wall came down: family room joined to the addition as the former back wall to the house is removed.
Feb. 28, 2004 The 3 new windows are installed in the addition.  Plywood complete in the second story.
Feb. 22, 2004 More rain! Another restless night spent patrolling the house for leaks, drips, and lakes on our floors and above us in the plastic .
Feb. 19, 2004 Rafters on the second story, plywood on the first story roof, and plastic all around as the race is on to beat the rain...again.
Feb. 16, 2004
Another day's worth of work and the edges are put on the first story roof, plus more inside the second story that you can't see from the picture.
Feb. 14, 2004
The framers come in and in the course of Valentines Day throw up the second story.
Feb. 12, 2004 More framing, and the back door appears while further stucco disappears.
Feb. 07, 2004
Some rain damage to carpet we were discarding anyway, but the process continues as the framing starts to appear.
Feb. 03, 2004
Rain! What were we thinking when we started remodeling in the dead of winter (even if it was San Diego's mild winter)?
Jan. 31, 2004
The beam is in!  The house is again secure from collapse.
Jan. 29, 2004
The I-beam is up, but not yet secure.  Timbers shore it up.
Jan. 28, 2004
The 27 foot long, 1600 lb. I beam that will support the house in the place of the back wall has been moved into position .
Jan. 26, 2004
Concrete has been poured for new foundation and slab for the side yard.
Jan. 21, 2004
We're ready to pour concrete... Just need an inspector from the city to come give us the go ahead.
Jan. 17, 2004
Forms built in trenches; Great Wall of Dancer to keep her safe and out of trenches.
Jan. 13, 2004
Exterior stucco removed.
Jan. 9, 2004
Patio demo. Jack hammering old patio out.
Dec. 28, 2003
Trenching finished around new foundation.
Dec. 17, 2003
Trenching begun; jack hammering out current footings at corner of house.
Dec. 13, 2003
Trees removed; edge of patio jackhammered;
bottom of stucco chiseled.
Dec. 9, 2003
Patio cover disassembled in 4 hours.

Starting Point:

Nov. 22, 2003

We’ve lived in the house for 10 years this coming April, and are quite aware of its limitations.  The goal of the remodel is to address some of these limitations and grow with our growing family (not growing in numbers but growing in years). We want to live here another 9 years, until Doug graduates from High School and we become empty nesters.

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