May 6, 2004

The tile is going in.  It's in and grouted in some places, just in and separated in others.  And not in at all against the far wall where all loose furniture has been relegated. 

Half the backyard has been scraped and denuded of grass, which was mostly dead any way after 6 months of now sprinklers.  I'm glad I gave up watering with the house about 5 months ago.

Again you can see the curve to the patio.  The white pipes along the addition are drainage pipes.  And the black squigly line that Dancer is sniffing outlines the planter.

Here we get serious about not letting Dancer (or anyone else) get through to the new tile.

Another Dancer wall, and Dancer herself.  She could of course leap the wall easily; it's mostly just to stop her from casually wandering out onto the new tile.

Here's some in and grouted tile in the entry hallway and laundry room.  All that is left here is the baseboards.

The kitchen is getting more and more functional, even without a dishwasher. But again the vision seems fulfilled as the tile goes well with the cabinets and counter top.

The washer and drier have joined the refrigerator as the laundry room (and downstairs bathroom--remember the toilet in the garage from last update) is being tiled too.

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