May 3, 2004

The tile installation crew has spent a couple of days prepping the floor. The good news is that the bare concrete floor is cleaner than it has been in... well, since we've been walking on it. The bad news is we're not allowed to walk on it.  The black stuff is a liquid layer in between the concrete and the tile layed down on 4 feet to either side of the foundation joint.  The tile is to "float" on it without cracking if the foundation beneath moves or settles.

The cast aside (but saved!) old patio cover is resurrected,
repainted and reused over the new patio.

Yes, as a matter of fact we did lose the use of the sink for the day. Craig told us to just go out to dinner.

How dusty could tiling be?  Extremely dusty, of course, because everything associated with the remodel is.  They haven't even started tiling, and look at the dust laid down on the brand new horizontal surface of the granite.  The dust is from (I guess) sanding/grinding down the joint between old and new concrete. And the disturbing of all the dust on the floor that they cleaned before they could begin tiling.

Are you recognizing dog walls yet when you see them?  Here's another example, to keep Dancer off the black stuff.

You may have realized looking at the pictures that the concrete joint, and therefore the black tar substance that we're not allowed to walk on, bisects the addition.  And you can see that the refrigerator is on the far side of said divide.  To get to the refrigerator, we had to exit the french doors in the dining room, cross the patio, then re-enter the house at the back door.

With the stucco complete, the deck crew returned one last time to apply the final, color coat to the deck bench and floor.  Deck now is done, but for railing and light fixture.

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