April 30, 2004

The concrete patio and side walk are poured.  Again, the kids were at school and missed their opportunity to immortalize themselves in the cement.  Work in the backyard shifts to sprinklers and drains (all cut when the foundation for the addition was put in) while work inside is to prepare for the last major job of the remodel, the tiling of the addition.

The concrete came on the 29th.  Not nearly as much as last time, but it still took a cement truck and pump.

We decided to put some curves in the patio this time. It's also a different color and texture than a plain vanilla concrete patio, like the old one we replaced with the addition.

And we connected the sidewalk on the south side with the patio on the north with stepping stones, or stepping disks of concrete.

The garage is beginning to fill up. In addition to the new refrigerator and stove and old dishwasher that have been in here for a while (displacing Kristi's car), now we've got the tile for the family and kitchen floor, plus the downstairs toilet, bathroom door, and boxes of other stuff, both new and old.

Now that the cabinets and knobs/pulls are in, Kristi has begun to move back into the kitchen.  She has already made an attempt at filling the pantry.  She has wanted pull out shelves since her mother got them as part of a kitchen remodel on the farm nearly 20 years ago.

The sink is in (it even has water!) but the dishwasher isn't, so the new sink is getting a work out.

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