April 28, 2004

Inside, the granite counter tops are installed, and they look gorgeous.  They go great with the cabinet color and the pulls and knobs Kristi has selected.
Outside, the stucco crew returned to try to match the color better.  Now, if you look closely (in person), you might see that our house has three colors: the old color, the new color that almost matches the old color, and the area that had the rejected color over painted by the new color.
The stucco crew must have known the concrete pour was imminent as they made a big ol' muddy mess. Note the dog fence to keep Dancer out of the mud.

The granite is in!  This may be the first meal on the new counter top; it is most certainly the first scowl.

The office floor is installed now, although baseboards are still pending.  Another job that Keith knows he can do (because he's done it before) but will just have Craig do it because he can knock it out so quickly.  Besides, more than one remodel veteran has told Keith and Kristi tales of telling their contractor to leave the baseboards to them, and then the room goes unfinished for months.

This is a good shot of the job that does lie ahead of us, however: redoing the closet space with more and better shelves.

To have that nice empty picture of the office above, all the office stuff must still be piled in the bedroom. Too true.  But the ceiling fan is added, so the contractor's job in the bedroom is complete.  Oh, I guess he better cover that vent.  The work left (furniture arranging and window coverings) is our responsibility.

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