April 23, 2004

Another nadir in our mood.  It's Doug's birthday, and the painters are seemingly everywhere, with impact in every room. No space downstairs is immune.  We figure that the last major job, tiling, can't be this intrusive, so if we can just last through this stage it will be all downhill from here.

Windows are back in their frames, but all the office content is still in the bedroom, making it difficult for us to really enjoy the new space.  Just need electrical plates and light fixtures and this room is done.
The door has been stained.
  It's very nice, but a little darker than we were aiming for.

The office has been given its first coat. Rather than empty the shelves, we just covered them and their contents.  No, it won't get painted, but a post remodel project will be to rip out the existing shelves and re-shelve the area, necessitating a repaint anyway.  The door is off its hinges because it is being reversed: it used to open right to left (in this photo) toward the old wall.  We're flipping it around since that wall is now open space.  It will open against that closet wall.

The cabinet has been placed inside the laundry room.  It's been the big object on its side in the family room for the last couple of months, so we're glad to see it installed.

We picked up this cabinet for free from neighbors who were remodeling their kitchen.  The custom cabinet was delivered damaged, so the manufacturer said throw it away, we're sending a new one.  Craig our wonderful contractor said he could easily fix the damage and suggested putting it in our laundry room. So the neighbors gave it to us.  It still needs its doors, but you can see its pull out shelves.

This is the alcove by the front door, and an example of how every nook and cranny of the downstairs has been affected by the painting.  This is the farthest possible spot downstairs from any of the remodel, and yet it is still impacted because the wall above it got painted, because it connects to the living room and the living room connects to the dining room.  They didn't even bother with platic here, just paper. Someone must have told them we were getting rid of this piece.

You can see in the top photo the impact to the living room as all the furniture has been huddled in the center to allow painting the walls.  Painting the living room was not part of the original plan (or estimate!) but is a fine example of remodel feature creep, or the addition of more projects since the contractors are here any way.

First coat of paint on the stairwell.  Plastic sheets are nice, but there are still paint droppings on the carpet.  Probably less than if we did this project ourselves, which we have been meaning to for years.

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