April 20, 2004

The outside is masked and ready for the final colored coat of stucco.  Unfortunately, their truck broke down so they're going to be a few days late in getting here.
On the inside the cabinets have been stained and varnished they are beautiful!  Having compeleted the kitchen, the painters are moving on to the walls.  Did I say drywalling was the worst?  Painting is pretty bad, too, with the disruption, stink, and yes, dust.

I'd love to show you our beautiful cabinets, but no sooner are they done than they are covered so the painters can move on to painting the walls.

Perhaps you can get an idea, however, of the cabinets' color.

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor painters' cloth will keep Doug from his apointed rounds with the TV.  Windows are actually removed from the frames allowing the frames to be painted. That's just brown paper between the room and the great outdoors.

I haven't shown you the dining room since April 1st, so here it is again.  Like the other room, the window panes are actually out of the window on the right so that they can paint the trim.  The room has been primed, but not yet painted.  And the doors still need to be stained and primed.

The new expanded bedroom that will become the office has been painted.  We're going with the same sand color as downstairs.

Unfortunately, if the office has been cleared out for painting, that must mean that all the stuff that was in it has gone to the...

...bedroom!  Just when it was getting so close to being finished, too!

The green paint is done; the windows are out while the frames are being painted. The birds in the tree just outside the window sound so much closer in the morning without that pane of glass between us.

Lunch time at the homestead.  Kristi sharing the house with 5 men is pretty normal.  The record is 7.  The painters are outside, while Craig the contractor and his workman Ben are inside the garage.

That pile in the driveway is dirt and concrete droppings that Ben has removed from the backyard as they clean it up in preparation for forming for the next concrete pour.

Goodbye, not so old friend!  Ben secures our old stove in the back of Criag's truck.  It's been in the garage for weeks (Ben is resting against it in the picture above) but now it's time for it to go.  It's only 4 or 5 years old, but we're going in a new direction.

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