April 15, 2004

Nothing has changed much in the upper picture, other than spring marches on and the tree is growing. Now it's the painters' trash in the backyard.
In the lower picture, the cabinets have been masked and stained.

One of the last things that happened before Craig the Contractor went on vacation was clearing of the area between the dining room french doors and the addition for the new patio.  Apparently Dancer claims the new dirt patch as her own.  Ignore the thing in the foreground; it's just a thing.

The other side of the addition has been further prepped for concrete.  Drainage pipes have been buried, although it looks as if Dancer has been working on digging it up.

Since the bedroom moved, we had to recarpet. Although last time we had the same carpet in the hallway and all the bedrooms, this time we opted for some differentiation of the master bedroom.

The master bedroom is nearly complete!  Another coat of paint on the window and electrical, and we're done.  The lamps on the floor will go in the two boxes to the top of the picture, and the bed will center in between.

Down here on the cabinet farm, they set out all the doors and then spray them with awful smelling lacquer that chases us from the house.  They moved all the furniture and shrink wrapped it again during this step.

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