April 10, 2004

The pace has definitely slowed. Our contractor has gone on a well deserved vacation for 10 days, and the flow of subcontractors has ebbed.  The painters didn't show up today as predicted (which is fine by us because we don't like to share our weekends), but at least the faithful cabinet installer returns daily.  He's nearing completion.
We've reconfigured the family room couch and TV to something approximating the final arrangement.

We're very pleased with the cabinets as they continue to take shape.  Just some drawer fronts and the installer will be done. Then the painters will finish them. 

This was supposed to be a picture of
wine and the sunset out our back window.
As it is, it does show the sink location pretty well, however.

Tonight was the first official meal use of the new counter.  If the boys seem a bit low, it's only because  our stools are counter height and we just installed a bar height counter on the island.

Adroitly improvising, Kristi uses the boys' bathroom and its dual sink set up to wash and rinse what minimal dishes we do generate.

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