April 8, 2004

After the low point of last weekend, the psychological boost of getting the cabinets delivered and starting their installation was huge.  It's a lot more exciting to see your kitchen appear than to be able to say, "Look, the walls are textured and primed and ready for paint!  Oh boy!"
And yes, that is a not-so-fine layer of white dust over everything in the room.

I preferred the concrete rubble in the backyard rather than the front, as I'm sure the neighbors did too.  But  the good news is that this means the backyard continues to be cleared for the next concrete pour.  And the pile will be trucked away shortly.

One last patch job (requiring wallboard, taping, mudding, texturizing and priming) in the evening kicks us out of the house again for dinner.  Local restaurants are offering us frequent diner cards by now.

Last time it was Dancer, displaced at the bottom of the stairs.  This time it's Doug, and the only place he can find to do his homework is on the stairs.

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