April 3, 2004

Second layer of stucco applied.  It's of a different color than the first and completely hides any outline of the chicken wire.  The last coat, with the color and the final texture, will be applied in a couple of weeks, so the masking plastic on the windows will be removed to allow a breeze to flow through the house to circulate the paint fumes within.

Keith's family doesn't visit all that often. But since the remodel has begun, all three (Jane, Ken, and now Art) have come through town and stayed with us.  The situation was so bad this weekend we couldn't unfold the sofa couch, so Art slept in Doug's bunk, Doug moved up to Brad's bunk, and Brad got bumped downstairs to a couch.
Here are Art, Kristi, and Brad in the morning eating breakfast before baseball in the only place we can: among the stacks of stuff in the garage.

This weekend was definitely the hardest yet, and the first weekend where we were kicked out of our house both days. With them painting both upstairs and down, there was no way we could stick around.

They textured and primed the entire downstairs, putting up plastic sheets to keep at least some of the material from spreading throughout the house.

Upstairs they textured and primed the new end of the expanded bedroom and painted the master bedroom.

At the bedroom door we have green on the walls and texture and primer on the new hallway outside.

Still need the windows and doors painted, but the green on the walls  and ceiling looks nice.

Work as begun again outside, this time prepping for the next concrete pour.  We're extending the side walkway from the edge of the old house to the front of the addition.

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