April 1, 2004

The first minor crisis of the remodel occurs when the stucco guys refuse to start because the way to the backyard is blocked by a pile of concrete and the scaffold.  All is solved when our contractor shows up and jack hammers out the concrete and takes down the scaffold.  Only then do they begin by masking the windows, something that they could have done without the concrete and scaffold removed!

More equipment shows up in the driveway to make use of the sand shown dropped here in the last update.  The neighbors love us.

Make the stucco out front, then wheelbarrow it back.  Sure it's messy, but at least they put some plastic down...all the way into the street.

Final drywalling around the windows before the window casing is applied.

Done by that afternoon, and ready for casing.

The first layer of stucco is just thick enough to cover the chicken wire .

Three guys applying stucco outside, three guys running around inside in the big room and the dining room: what's a poor displaced dog to do?

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