March 31, 2004

The first floor is catching up to the bedroom.
The plumbing is done and inspected.  The old lines removed, the dirt replaced in the holes, and new concrete tops it off.
The dry wall is up, taped, and mudded.  Only spraying texture is left and this room will be as far along as the bedroom.

Here's a time lapsed lesson in wall boarding, using the wall that moved to expand the laundry room.  The entrance from the garage is off the photo to the left, the expanded laundry room is through the door on the left, the mystery structure is in the center, and of course the family room is to the right.
First step is the framing, or wood.

Then comes the wall board.

Then tape the joints and put edging on the edges, then mud everything.  The last step before painting will be to spray the texture on it.

Let's see that fascinating sequence again the mystery structure.  The mystery structure is... cubbies!  We'll put shelves in there and make this a storage area for backpacks and trumpets and jackets for the boys as they travel into and out of the garage door, which this faces.

Here's the kitchen after the plumbing was finished off, but before the wall board was. The. old pipes from the old back wall have been cut out and their holes concreted in.  The new plumbing for the new island sink and dishwasher is all that is left standing.

Moving upstairs, to the view from the top of the stairs.  The moving of the wall to add three feet to the interior bedroom (to the left) is moving in parallel with the work downstairs.  Our master bedroom (to the right) is already textured and ready for painting as Craig has worked hard to keep our bedroom as liveable as possible.

The hallway as grown three feet.  That's the green of the (old) master bedroom wall on the right of the hallway.

The drywallers move in like they own the place.  Not content with making a mess of the interior, they store the drywall in the garage, making a mess there, too. And hey, the garage was carefully arranged so we had access to boxes on the left and sporting gear on the right.

Hey, a remodel isn't a remodel until you've had a pile of dirt dumped on your drive way. This is for the stucco that will soon be going up.

Here's what the neighbors are left to look at.  Until the materials got dumped in the front yard, pretty innocuous.  You can just see the extension on the far side of the chimney, along with a scaffolding.  And note the new roof tile piled next to the chimney waiting to be installed.

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