March 25, 2004

Since nothing is going on outside this week, let's change the panoramic shot to inside.
At one point this week the only plumbing that worked in the house was the boys bathroom, the laundry room sink, and the master bath toilet. Dust pervades the house.  We're all hoping that this week marks the nadir, and it starts getting better from here.

When we last left the kitchen, it still had flooring and wallboard.  But we're moving the sink and dishwasher, which means moving the plumbing, which means digging through the existing foundation again.  Which of course means more piles of dirt and concrete around.

Originally the plan was to leave the stove hooked up so that we could still use it to cook.  On second thought, no.

Again with the jack hammer!

A typical breakfast is now bagels on paper plates with milk in plastic cups.  The boys are getting to break all the rules about where they are allowed to eat because, really, who cares if they spill on the slab?

Demo of the downstairs bathroom partially complete. The downstairs bathroom is a perfect example of remodel feature creep.  We've wanted for some time to make it a little less cramped by replacing the cabinet with a pedestal sink. It wasn't part of the plans submitted to the contractor, so it wasn't part of the original bid.  But the flooring is changing anyway, and all the labor is here, and if we don't do it now when will we get around to it, etc.  That's how remodel costs creep ever upwards.

Demo of downstairs bathroom continued.

Sorry to say, but the cleanest, most convenient place in the house to prepare meals is now the workbench in the garage.

All that stuff from the downstairs had to go someplace. Things to note in the garage: 
Not even the garage is immune from "the holes punched through wallboard" epidemic. In the upper left hand corner you can see one; there are several others as they run new electrical lines from the circuit breaker box on inside the house.
Kristi's Turkeybowl trophy has taken up residence on the dresser, left center.
Building materials are mixed in with personal items; everybody wants to store stuff in the garage.

The bedroom door has moved. It is now in the new wall; you can see the green of the old bedroom back to the old location of the door immediately to the right when you came up the stairs.
Also in this picture you can see that they've sprayed the texture on the bedroom walls; we're ready for painting in here!  And you can see that we're storing furniture in the upstairs hallway now, too.

From the top of the stairs, an attempt to illustrate the moving wall. From left to right: the old wall between bedrooms has moved three feet to the right; the ladder is up against a green wall from the master bedroom before the wall moved.  The door to the other bedroom now stands alone.  We will put new wall between it and the new bedroom wall, then flip the door around so the doorknob is on the right of the door, not the left.

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