March 18, 2004

The mess continues.  Dry wallers come and put up wall board upstairs and downstairs in the addition.  Concrete gets poured into our family room wall trench.
One of the great things about Craig our contractor is that he is very concerned with our ability to handle the mess.  So he drops curtains fo plastic to try to slow down air pariticles. He wraps furniture up in the morning, moves it around, and unwraps it in the evening again.  

The concrete has been poured in the trench for the new footing to the load bearing wall.  The wall demo has snuck around the corner.

Other rooms not being directly remodeled are getting impacted.  Here the living room is beginning to fill up with boxes filled with books from the family room and pots and pans from the kitchen.

Dancer isn't immune either to having her areas impacted by the remodel's cast offs.  Here's the dirt pile in the back yard of dirt removed from the now concrete filled trench in the family room.

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