March 13, 2004

New doors are installed throughout.  Exterior is finished off with tar paper and chicken wire in preparation for the stucco.  And the bedroom wall is demo'd, connecting the bedroom its new addition.

Here are the new deck and french doors
 before the tar paper and chicken wire.

New french doors leading onto the deck.

Here's the old dining room in the morning...

...and the new dining room that afternoon.

From the outside, what the french doors and new window look like .

The window in the family room between the laundry room and the fireplace is going away, and the
 wall will be moved to right in the middle of it.

Opening the shutters now reveals... the interior of the wall! that dust all over the chair?

The electricians came this week and put in the wire, light receptacles, and switch boxes.  They also left a lot of hanging wires that will have to be dealt with before the electrical inspection.

The bay window in the kitchen was removed.

Another view of the removed bay window .
Hey, we've got a buffet window now!

Here's the old bedroom wall in the morning....

...and the new extended bedroom that evening.

From another corner of the bedroom.
The new addition is 8 feet in depth upstairs.

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