March 5, 2004

Sure there are some exterior changes: the plywood is complete, the roof has tar paper, and a new window has been punched in the old house were there was only wall before.
But the big change was inside where the family room wall finally came out, joining the addition to the house psychologically.

By far the loudest noise inside the house was when they were chiseling the stucco off the outside.
By this time Kristi and Dancer were inured.
Keith, however, wasn't so on the rare occasion when he was exposed to the racket he lasted about 5 minutes before getting into the car and driving to work, just to escape the noise.

The chiseled stucco makes quite a mess, too.
This is the dining room window, the farthest left
window in the panoramic picture that starts every page.
The windows in back are the old windows that have been replaced. 

The window on the right will be going away, so we moved it to the other side of the chimney (center).
There to the left you can see this new window,
on the existing house, just before the addition starts.

And the last outside features to call your attention to: the roof has been tar papered, and the new deck water-proofed.
Hey, are those french doors inside the addition?

Whoa!  The wall is gone!
Note new window, just to right of fireplace and left of the start of the addition and the steel posts.

This was done as a surprise to Kristi.  Kristi left for the book fair which would keep her at school all day.  Craig the contractor then asked me if it would be all right to pull the wall down that day; he wanted to surprise Kristi, but still wanted permission.

The surprise worked.
Kristi was very excited by the change.
Psychologically, it made for a huge boost as we could see we were really getting somewhere.
  And we could see that our vision was correct and the design was indeed the right one.


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