February 28, 2004

Milestone reached: new windows installed in the addition.  Now that the second story is completely enclosed, let's spend some time exploring the master bedroom addition and deck.

The plywood exterior of the
second story is complete,
 and the re-siding of the existing
house along the deck is also
nearly done.

Looking into the bedroom addition from the deck
(close up of the view above) you can see the new
window on the right and the old window and existing wall on the left.

Standing in front of the ladder in the above picture and shooting right back at where the last shot was taken.
Outside of the doorway is the deck, then the neighbor's roof.

Here's a shot taken through the existing window in the bedroom, out the doorway to the deck beyond.

Here's the view off the deck.
They call this "peek" ocean view,
as you can see the ocean
eight miles away on the horizon
 on either side of the hill (Del Mar)
in the middle.

New roof line below the new bedroom window.

Here's the view through the new bedroom window.

The very first sunset through
the new bedroom window.
That dot high in the middle window
is a hot air balloon.

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