February 22, 2004

We got an inch of rain over 24 hours, which is pretty rare in San Diego.  The plastic wrap held up remarkably well.  Water did drip in from the beam down our first floor back window, and pool beneath the couch again in the family room, but the only places getting hit were again the ones that were being replaced during the remodel.

It rained steadily the afternoon of the 22nd
and all through the night.
The static design of the hermetic seal was tested under dynamic conditions, and mostly passed.  Rivulets formed, and if they ran across a nail or staple hole in the plastic, a drip occurred.  Then Keith would poke at the plastic to reroute the rivulet.
Pools of water would form sags in the plastic and offered the possibility of a more catastrophic failure.  These pools were discovered at night with a flashlight. They were dealt with by pushing upon from below to empty them, then jerry rigging lumber to turn a concave collector into a convex shedder.

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