February 19, 2004

Rafters have appeared on the new bedroom extension on the 2nd floor.  The roof on the first story has its full compliment of plywood.
As you may guess from the plastic, it is threatening to rain again.  Not as much rain came as wind, which whipped the plastic around creating a terrible racket.  I ran around the addition throwing boards and ladders against the plastic, trying to stop it from frantically flapping in the gusts.

The remodel is now being felt upstairs.
We moved furniture and hung a protective layer of plastic as they cut into the interior wallboard while tying into the existing frame on the outside.

Getting the house covered in plastic was judged (correctly) to be more important than cleaning up, so for once the backyard looks totally thrashed at the end of the day, like we've got some construction going on or something.
Here Dancer investigates a big ball of fiberglass insulation.

More backyard mess.
This is notable only because they generally leave the work area so clean every day.
Note the old white wooden patio covering stacked against far wall, kept to erect over new patio.

Here Dancer chews on the cardboard tube from inside a roll of plastic.

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