February 12, 2004

More framing of the addition, including the outline of the back door, which will open on the new patio.
More stucco removed, from both the window frames of the dining room and the master bedroom on the second floor.  Both Keith and Kristi swore it was colder that night in the bedroom. The outline of the second story floor takes shape on the roof of the addition.

Looking northwest across the breakfast nook to the back door and patio beyond. No ceiling yet on this half of the addition because the second floor won't be extended out over the kitchen and nook: this will be a second story balcony off the master bedroom.

Turning 90 degrees to the left to the southwest corner (future family room extension and TV area), the floor is in above for the bedroom extension.  The master bedroom expansion will only go out eight feet of first floor's 13 and a half feet.

The view from our bedroom window, facing west.  The ocean is 8 miles away.

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