February 7, 2004

The walls start to go up!  You can see where the picture windows will be on the back, west facing wall.
And yes, the beam is finally in place, although it is still a half inch lower on the far column than on the close one.  Craig wants to try to lift it again when he removes the weight of the stucco off the 2nd floor.
The rain may have stopped, but it's gotten mighty cold (like low 50's); too cold for a back wall of plastic.

The rain earlier in the week did find its way in and cause some damage.  Although the tent worked, water still pooled on the new slab, and then ran into the house around the temporarily reinstalled sliding glass door.
Here you can see that we cut out the wet carpet
(the family room will be entirely refloored anyway)
and the outline of the water remains behind and to the right of the couch.
And of course there are the bits of sunlight streaming in through the plastic in the upper left and lower right of the sliding door.

The back wall goes up, framing our blossoming tree, the one last tree left in the back yard.

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