January 29, 2004

The beam was elevated, but not slipped all the way into place. A sag in the floor in the middle was fouling the beam, which of course had no corresponding sag.  
The night spent in the bedroom was the least restful I had had since the October wildfires.
All I could think about was the bedroom being held up by jacks holding up a partially inserted beam reinforced with two by fours bent like matchsticks

Of note in this picture:
1600 lbs of steel only partially on its supporting column,
plumbing from upstairs bathroom temporarily routed around beam.

A close up of the second story floor and the top of the I beam.  Note the gap between the beam and the floor in the left foreground, and how it dwindles to nothing towards the center of the floor.

The kitchen was put under plastic as holes were punched in the false ceiling to allow two by fours to support the floor joists.
This was officially the first night of the remodel that Kristi gave up on preparing dinner and we phoned for out for delivery.

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