January 28, 2004

Sometime around the first sighting of the beam on the front sidewalk I had this realization: levitating the 1600 lb. beam into place eight feet above the ground while some support other than the wall held up the second story would be the trickiest, most dangerous part of the entire remodel. Keith's mom was here for the concrete pour, but Keith's brother would be here for the raising of the beam.

Note notches taken out of top of joists to allow the
I beam clearance to slip into that space between floor and ceiling.  

About three weeks ago when the joists were first uncovered, Craig our contractor was surprised (and not just a little piqued) to see them running perpendicular to the beam as the blue prints had indicated they would be running parallel to the beam.

A false wall was constructed inside the house to help support the second floor while the load is taken off the shear wall and the beam is inserted into place.

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