January 21, 2004

Steel column supports have been installed at either corner of back wall.  Insulation removed from floor/ceiling space.  While the structural integrity of the house remains, there are lots of places inside the house where you can see sunlight streaming in: holes have been poked in the wallboard and outlet now cover holes directly to the outside.
The side yard has been cleared for concrete slab.

Contents of the side yard, moved there from the long gone patio, are now scattered across the back yard.

Re-bar now lifted off the sand (and into the concrete) by small concrete block risers.

Side yard prepped for concrete pouring.
Note drain in lower left.  This existing drain is at lowest point in backyard.  
Note conduit in middle where sprinkler pipes will be run from the front yard to back.

One of the noisiest, most jarring and vibrating jobs that Kristi and Dancer had to put up with inside the house was not the jack hammering of the patio (which wasn't actually attached to the house) but the chiseling away of the existing foundation on either corner of the house.  New, bigger, deeper footings were poured under the existing slab, and steel support columns attached to the new footings
(seen here).

Here's the top of the same steel support; there's an identical one on the far end of the wall.  What in the world would you need that much footing for, that much steel column support?

Answer: 27 feet of I-beam weighing 1600 lbs.
That whole back wall is being removed, and something has to replace it as support for the upstairs.  That's where our I beam comes in.
Here it is being stored in front of our house, between our neighbor's driveway and ours.  Good thing we live in a nice neighborhood and nobody stole it in the several days it sat out in front of the house.

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