January 13, 2004

Stucco has been very noisily removed from the back of the house. The air compressor and power chisel were very hard on Dancer; even more so than the jack hammering.  Old patio has been cleared of broken up concrete.  The difference in ground color is interesting: the white that Kristi is standing upon is the natural clay of the area, while the brown is the imported soil that came with the sod that used to reside there.  Note plank over moat for Dancer.

The skeleton of our house revealed. That's the back of the interior wallboard on the inside of the two by fours.
Note the 10 inch tall space between ceiling of first floor and floor of second floor.

A close up of the down spouts from the sink and bathtub in the master bath.  Note the break in the bath down spout at its junction right between the yellow electrical boxes. Had been this way for years, apparently.  Note water damage to wall board below it to left and to right.

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