December 9, 2003

The thrust of the remodel is to move two thirds of the back wall of the house back 13 feet, expanding the family room and kitchen.  Essentially, put house out across the entire existing back patio.  Upstairs, the master bedroom will push out half that distance.  In total, it is a 500 sq ft expansion of our 1800 sq ft house. We will “accordion” the house by moving interior walls into the expanding rooms, thus gaining space in rooms next to the family room and bedroom.
The first work done was to disassemble the patio cover and store it in the side yard (left, against the fence). We're trying to save it and reconstruct it over the new patio, which will go where the tree is now.

Here's our contractor, Craig.  Turns out not only did we use Gail Bigelow's Architect, but we used her contractor as well.

In all subsequent pages, when I refer to "Craig" or "our contactor" you can think back to these two pictures for a good mental image.

Dancer must know what's coming
over the next few weeks and month:
here she is saying goodbye to our green and as-well-tended-as-it-can-be-if-you-have-a-dog backyard lawn.
The sprinkler lines are about to be cut.